no time for workouts?
no time for workouts?

no time for workouts?

A key item that I had to brutally increase efficiency on is exercise: gone are my luxury of long training hikes and gym workouts over lunch. It is funny that I should have more time being at home, but I just cannot seem to fit in my workouts. The inertia is tremendous when you have so many things on your to-do list, and just insufficient bandwidth to deal with sagging motivation (and carrying more weight).

No time to workout? Too lazy? What excuse do you have to spare just 10 mins (or 7? or 4?) a day? Check out this NY Times feature:

Need some HIIT ideas? I hit #ritualgym whenever I am in Singapore for a super efficient 20 min workout. They are now running free online programs on Instagram, using home equipment! (There are more ways of using your wine/water bottle than just lifting it to pour). Follow @ritualgym or #ritualanywhere on Instagram. Check out my workout props from this morning’s 20min session:

Need a community to get you started on that yoga class (#peerpressure)? Join online group exercises every Sunday and Thursday (HK time) with our yoga guru, May:

Here is me getting into pose to activate Qi for self healing of the lungs. All you need is 2 tennis balls and 2 thick books!



Really just need to watch hot instructors for free? Follow @pureyogaofficial for free all day yoga and fitness classes on Instagram. Or check out Chris Hemsworth’s Centr, now offering 6 weeks free trial instead of usual 7 days – yayyyy!

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