Working From Home
Working From Home

Working From Home


Hi, its me Charlene Low. We will kick off our Well-Being Trinity by focusing on the Body. After all, the physical body and the interaction with the physical environment is one of the first things we need to do to attain alignment between our Mind, our Body and our Spirit. I’m sure many of you are working from home right now, some of you may love it, maybe some of you, not so much.

3 Easy Steps To Working From Home

So today, we are going to show you 3 easy steps to properly set up you work space. So that you can work comfortably, productively and less distracted.

Over to our in-house physio, Carina Lun!

Step 1: Check Chair Height

Step 2: Adjust Chair Height

Step 3: Screen At Eye Level

Wasn’t That Easy?

So you see, its not that difficult to set up a comfortable work space. Not only will your body thank you but you will find yourself more productive and less distracted as well.

So we hope that you have enjoyed this video and please stay safe, stay sane and stay positive. Till next time, I’m Charlene Low.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

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