Do you need a Wellness Program right now?
Do you need a Wellness Program right now?

Do you need a Wellness Program right now?

The month of May was incredibly busy for us. You see, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We held many virtual workshops in the region to help corporate clients build Mental Resilience and develop Positive Psychology. This seemed particularly timely in a year where the world grapples with COVID19 which brought on a lot of anxiety and uncertainty across all areas of businesses and in our personal lives.

In our engagement with corporates across the region from big global entities to local companies, we can broadly group companies into 2 categories when it comes to their approach to Corporate Wellness: The Believers and The Skeptics.

The Believers

These corporates know that companies are made up of people. No matter how great their product is, they know to stay ahead in business, they need to continuously innovate; to do things better, faster, more efficient. It’s like surfing, you got to constantly adjust your position to ride the waves. They know that innovation comes from the ingenuity of their people. Machines cannot replace people and people are not machines. So they focus a lot on Talent Recruitment, Development and Retention. Well-being programs are an integral part of their organization.

The Skeptics

These corporates focus a lot on the bottom line. Success to them is an intricate balance between Revenue and Expenses in order to maintain Profit Margins. Wellness programs to them is a luxury, one they will indulgence in when times are better. An interesting discovery we made as we peel away the layers, this group of companies too are focused on staying ahead of the competition. They too recognized that innovation is a key pillar of future growth.

Are they the same or different?

What we realized is that fundamentally, these 2 group of organizations are the same. Both want to optimize resources (including human resource) to maximize returns. The difference is the former recognized that human capital is one key resource to tap into whilst the latter seek to tweak performance through other means.

In my next blog, I will share with you how Well-Being programs can help drive performance and why it is an integral part of successful organizations.

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