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employee wellbeing

Welcome to the Releaf Blog


Are you finding yourself all suited up for COVID-19? From face shields, to face masks and even gloves. Whether you are in a country that is facing #lockdown (#MCO, #circuitbreaker) or in a country that still has some movement, we are all facing the same issues from the novel coronavirus. Whether we are finding ways to protect our loved ones and ourselves, whether we agonize with anxiety when this is all going to be over or we worry what the future is going to be like when this is all over.

Hi, my name is Charlene Low and I run a Corporate Wellness company called RELEAF International. We have been helping companies globally to manage with the crisis and I am also a working mother of 3 young children. We live in Hong Kong. The schools here have been closed since January 20 and our family have been practising social distancing since then. So whatever you are going through right now, I probably have encountered it in so shape or form and I am here to help.

Ever since COVID-19 has become more widespread, there are tons of information out there. Some are real and others less credible. There’s also a lot of help out there and they seem to come from all over the place, some are more effective whilst others are less so. So that’s why we have curated tried and tested methods across the fields of Physiotherapy, Physical Fitness, Mindfulness, Psychology and even Chinese Metaphysics, with the aim to provide you with easy to follow steps to help you to navigate through this difficult times.

An Integrated Approach

Our blog will offer a practical guide to help you attain a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit. Well, how good can your exercise be, if you are constantly distracted by anxiety or stress? Or how deep can your meditation practice be, if you are having a neck ache or a back ache? So you see, the Mind, Body and Spirit are all inter-connected.

Who Is This For?

So we created this blog for 3 types of people:

  1. The Business Owner

You are a business owner who is trying to psyche yourself up so that you can lead your team to try to navigate through this crisis

  1. The Team Manager / HR Lead

You are a team lead or a HR champion that has been tasked by your company to come up with solutions and ideas to support your colleagues through this difficult time

  1. Employee / Self-employed

Or you are an employee or self-employed who is working from home right now and just want to find ways to help you survive through this crisis

We hope this blog can help you.

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